Diamond Kote® Soundshield Undercoating is a great affordable way to prevent underbody corrosion, and reduce road noise. Diamond Kote® Soundshield Undercoating is a very effective, permanent method to protect the under carriage of your vehicle where the underbody/frame/wheel wells are exposed. Protects from the harsh elements its exposed to daily, and often overlooked when caring for your new/used vehicle. Build up of dust/dirt and salt used on our roads start to break down the exposed metals. Here at Ron's, we want to make sure your vehicle will have a prolonged life, and this one-time permanent application will give you the peace of mind knowing it's done right by experienced staff, and last for years to come. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or give us a call, and we'd be happy to help with your decision why this a great thing for you!


Undercoating, along with Diamond Kote injected rust mist, know your vehicle is completely protected from the harsh elements mother nature will throw at you!




Prices for service are as followed:


Passenger 2/4 door car - $299


Small SUV (ex. Rav4/CX5) - $309


Small 2 door Truck (ex. Ranger) - $349


Midsize Truck/Minivan/Large SUV (ex. F150/250/Yukon/Suburban) - $399


Large Trucks/Vans (ex. F350 dullie/15 passenger van) - $449



After application, the curing time can range from a few days/week depending on climate conditions. Undercoating will remain very tacky in this time, and we DO NOT recommend driving the vehicle right after application in raining/wet weather conditions, or on gravel roads. This can affect the curing, and compromise the curing process. Winter weather appointments, we do recommend dropping off the night before for the vehicle to warm up to make sure the underbody is clean and dry before spraying.


FAQ when booking for Undercoating


How long will Ron's need my vehicle for? Typically, we recommend leaving the vehicle with us for a half/full day. This gives the undercoating a chance to set up after application. We recommend dropping off in the early morning, and have it ready for you mid-afternoon.


What kind of product is it? This is a black oil-based product that will cure into a rubberized coating, not hard like a box liner application.


Is there any warranty on your service? Yes, we honor our work! Every year, we recommend booking for a no-charge inspection of your vehicle. We will then lift on the hoist, inspect to make sure everthing is intact, and will re-apply to any areas that may need addressing. If you notice any issues beforehand, give us a call and we'll make it right!


I have a used vehicle, is this an option for me? Yes, it sure is! Before every application, we make sure the vehicle is cleaned/dry before we coat it. We will inspect the integrity of the body to make sure there will be proper bonding of the product. Depending on the age, we will let you know if this service will be beneficial for your vehicle.


Can I drive my vehicle right after application? Within a couple hours of applicaton, your vehicle is safe to drive without any worries if the conditions are warm and dry. We don't recommend gravel road travel, as pebbles will stick into fresh undercoating, trust me, this will not look good.